Faculty and Staff

Southside Elementary School Directory 2024-2025

 Administration/Office and Support Staff   Job Title:
 Leslie Hackworth  Principal
 Shelley Mayhew  Assistant Principal
 Lauren Horne  School Counselor
 Pattie Pickeral  Administrative Assistant
 Shirley Crosby  Bookkeeper
 Elizabeth Redd  Attendance Clerk
 Support Staff & Paraprofessionals  
 Rachel Nichols  School Nurse
 Dianna Salas  Teacher Aide (Wee 3)
 Jennifer Hammell  Teacher Aide (EXCEL)
 Allison James  Teacher Aide (EXCEL)
 Bessie Walton  PK Family Service Coordinator
 Susan Daniel  SPED Aide
 Gwendilynn Valencia  SPED Aide
 Alice Abbott  Teacher Aide
 Debra Nelson  Teacher Aide
 Shirley Stanfield  Teacher Aide
 Jamelle Shields  Title I Teacher Aide
 Victoria Meeks  SPED Aide
 Tammy Morgan  SPED Aide
 Kathy Johnson  SPED Aide
 Shannon DeAndrea  Teacher Aide
 Kate Dickerson  PCA
 Brenda Edmunds  PCA
 Kaelyn Reese  PCA
 Angel Reynolds  PCA
 Alicia Goode  PCA
 Audrey Pritchett  PCA
 School Nutrition  
 Brenda Saunders  Cafeteria Manager
 Nora Hawker  Cafeteria Worker
 Jane Mays  Cafeteria Worker
 Linda Talley  Cafeteria Worker
 Shelby Bucchi  Cafeteria Worker
 Mary Carter  Cafeteria Worker
 Ronnie Younger  Full Time Custodian
 Michael Coleman  Full Time Custodian
 Flossie Royal  Part Time Custodian
 PALS & SOL Tutors  
 Nikia Stewart  
 Karen Self  
 Carol Kueng  
 Brianna Salas  
 Homeroom Teachers  
 Rebecca Harbodin  Wee3
 Laura Johnson  EXCEL
 Sharika Adams  EXCEL
 Shauna Adkins  Self-Contained
 Angie Owen  Kindergarten
 Kaitlyn Burton  Kindergarten
 Carly Meeks  Kindergarten
 Kimberly Holley   Kindergarten
 Emily Cornett  1st Grade
 Leah Reese   1st Grade
 Laura Reaves  1st Grade
 Elizabeth Ricketts  2nd Grade
 Caryn Finkbeiner  2nd Grade
 Michele Cassidy  2nd Grade
 Montanna Wheeler  2nd grade
 Lesley Farmer  3rd Grade Math/Science
 Anna Butts  3rd Grade Reading/History
 Kim DeBoe  3rd Grade Math/Science
 Whitni Burnette  4th Grade Math
 Amanda Shelton  4th Grade Reading
 Shannon Johnson  4th Grade VA Studies
 Laura Snead  4th Grade Science
 Andrea Huffstetler  5th Grade Reading
 Kristin Gleber  5th Grade Math
 Carolyn Poteat  5th Grade Science
 Stephanie Long  5th Grade History/Writing
 SPED Teachers & Specialists  
 Hunter Lee  Speech Therapist
 Charlotte Paris  Music
 Jered Tubb  Physical Education
 Jasmine Francis  Physical Education
 Emily Keaton  Library
 Karen Butler  SPED Inclusion Grades K-2
 Jennifer Oakes  SPED Inclusion Grades 2-3
 Sharon Spain  SPED Inclusion Grades 4-5
 Stacey Boswell  Title I Math
 Amanda Leigh  Reading Specialist 
 Itinerant Staff  
 Amy Baynes  ITRT, based at SME
 Sarah Maxey  ESL, based at DRMS
 Kaitlyn Wall  School Psychologist
 FreAnda Glass  SPED Coordinator
 Melanie Chappell  Gifted/STEM
 Bus Drivers  
 Pam Compton  190
 Pauline Hawker  247
 Brandon Barts  30
 Larry Simmons  219
 Cynthia Trammell  139
 Lester McCain  72
 Leon Burchett  210
 Joanna Dawson  242
 Joan Davis  62
 Bus Attendants  
 Nannie Fitzgerald  62
 Gloria Chaney  46
 Gloria Herndon  177